Asesoramiento financiero personalizado a deportistas profesionales

Personalized Financial Advice to Professional Athletes

SGCI (Sport Global Consulting Investments) is an EAFI (Independent Financial Advisor) approved by the CNVM (Spanish Financial Services Authority) whose ultimate goal is to help professional athletes to plan their financial future.

  • We specialize in understanding the particular situation of each athlete and recommending a strategy that fits his goals and needs.

  • We make sure that each athlete understands the strategy we recommend, why we recommend each asset in the portfolio, and what he can expect from it.

  • We closely follow the behavior of the recommended portfolio, suggest changes whenever necessary, and make ourselves fully available to our clients to answer any questions they may have.

  • And we do all this with total independence from any financial institution. Neither we sell financial products nor we receive any commission for selling any products. On the contrary, we work in such a way that the better our clients do, the better we do.

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